Chi Pu – Nguyen Thuy Chi – Vietnamese Hot Cute Girl Photo

Hello everybody, I know you very like the beautiful of the girls in Vietnam and want to read infomation about hot girl, cute girl, etc… Also you can see many beautiful girl photo in this blog page. That is a reason i write for you. I hope you enjoy and have many useful infomations of the girls.


Today is Chi Pu’s Day. The first post for this blog. Now, are you ready to know about her?

Why will you like Chi Pu?

Began to be known by fans from 2009. After 5 years of activity in the field of art, Chi Pu had completely conquered the audience with the beauty and her lovely.

She possesses a beautiful face, natural are not using the tricks of beauty surgery.In addition to the beautiful she is quite friendly with the fans.

2009-Chi Pu known for photographs like a beautiful teen for magazine Hoa Hoc Tro,, the shop fashion entertainment website to the online photo contest and win high awards.

In 2010 and 2011, Chi Pu hard still taking photographs for the magazine for the youth and each time a lot more she is loved across the country Vietnam.

From 2012 until 2014, Chi Pu really famous on Facebook. There are nearly 4million members like and watched her. This is a really impressive figures for anycelebrity does.

Chi Pu always have an image in bright, innocent and say no to the scandal. It is amiracle she had while many American model starring constantly press denounced the scandals aren’t good and objectionable in public opinion

Chi Pu’s Profile

Real name is Nguyen Thuy Chi (Vietnamese: Nguyễn Thùy Chi).
Born on: 14/06/1993
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Location: Hanoi
Class/School: University high school Le Qui Don Hanoi, RMIT University
Hobbies: playing piano, photography, shopping, dancing, participating in socialactivities etc.

The Best Beautiful Photos of Chi Pu

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How I can find Chi Pu?

Yeah! Do you like her face, you can search with Keyword “Chi Pu” on
Or you can Like her on Facebook: Chi Pu’s Facebook Fan Page
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Will I updating this post?

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